Phil was a friendly and awesome instructor! Learning to drive with him was great and I always felt comfortable behind the wheel with him as my instructor! He knows your abilities and won’t hold you back nor will he make you attempt something he doesn’t believe you to be ready for either, which is great because that way you can remain confident whilst learning to drive which is very important! He was an awesome guy and an awesome instructor, very glad I went with him!!From Bradley Welch
This is from Rachel Vincent: Hi Phil here is the testimonial about my experience of driving with you, hope it is okay :)Learning to drive with Phil was a really good experience. He is an incredibly friendly and patient instructor who helped me to build my confidence on the road, as well as equipping me with the knowledge and skills required to be a competent and vigilant driver.
Subject: Testimonial from Toni Laws :)”Phil is one of the loveliest people you will ever meet, the perfect teacher for someone a little nervous to start driving, he really puts you at ease, treats his students as individuals and instinctively adapts his lesson plans to your level of progress and capability”Hope that’s ok :)
Lots of love,
Toni xx
Subject: Driving testimonial – from Lucy. “I was recommended to use Phil by my boyfriend who passed first time. I was an extremely nervous driver and Phil was brilliant. He recognised my nervousness and taught me relaxing techniques to help me with my nerves. He taught me step by step, at the right speed, not too fast or too slow. I felt he had faith in me which built my confidence. He is a calming influence and a great driving instructor. I would recommend Phil to anybody.”
I really couldn’t have asked for a better driving instructor. Phil is well known and respected in the community. Everyone seems to know someone he has taught and he is very well regarded for both his warm personality and his excellent driving knowledge. Phil is extremely good at setting nervous pupils at their ease and using humour to make lessons fun and enjoyable. On the other hand he knows exactly when to push you to ensure you fulfil your potential. Phil uses a wide range of effective teaching methods including using an ipad with maps of particularly troublesome roundabouts to illustrate which lanes are best to use. He was never late for a single of my lessons and was very often early. He is also very honest and trustworthy, for instance he told me when I didn’t need any more lessons – not everyone would have done that. His car is a joy to drive, it is very comfortable and handles very well. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him. Two of my friends already learn with him and are extremely happy. He has made learning to drive a really positive part of my life and I will look back on my lessons fondly for years to come. Thanks, Phil!
Louise Watkins
‘I learnt with Phil for almost a year, including the young driving course, and went on to pass first time for with 8 minors. Phil was a brilliant instructor, flexible to fit around my schedule, always cheerful and a laugh to be with. When teaching he makes you feels comfortable and relaxed meaning you can pick the things he wants you to up very quickly. I have nothing but good things to say about Phil and I’m sure many others can say the same.’ from Josh Wilson
When learning to drive one of the things I considered most important was feeling comfortable with your instructor – and with Phil I definitely did! Thanks to Phil, I looked forward to every lesson and was eager to learn! I felt as though I got as much as I could have out of each lesson – punctuality, efficiency and quality – that in turn, helped me to pass first time! If it wasn’t for Phil I wouldn’t have enjoyed learning to drive so much, nor would I be the confident, cautious, driver of the quality I am today. I couldn’t have asked for a better driving school to learn with!Charlotte Ellis
I was recommended by one of my friends to learn with Phil’s Driving School. This was the best decision I made as after only 5 1/2 months I passed my test first time! Phil helped me do this through brilliant mentoring and patience along with the great flexibility of lesson times. I would highly recommended Phill to anyone, whether they’re beginners or need refresher lessons. Thank you again Phill! Jessica x

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